December 21, 2018

Neer Dosa

The literal translation of Neer Dosa is “Water Dosa” in Kannada! Since my maternal family is from Mangalore, we used to have Neer Dosas during our childhood vacations in Mangalore and even get bored of it! But later when I had to make it myself and it didn’t ‘seem’ easy, I was missing and craving for it!!

The batter for this dosa is very runny made of only Rice and water blended together; and salt of course. It is so light, that you can go on eating and never get full. At least that is the case with me, more so since I was not making this dosa as a regular item on my menu until I mastered it. I took some time to perfect Neer Dosa, not because it is difficult but because of the hype on how it requires a knack and special way of pouring the runny batter on to the tawa/griddle. My aunt is an expert in Neer dosa, she post graduated in Neer Dosa and can make these dosas even on a bad day in the kitchen.. what does that mean? I don’t know. Whenever I visit her, she makes sure I am stuffed with enough Neer dosas and it always ends in how to make it like her, so soft, yet crispy and amazing. Hence I watched it first hand at her place and finally decided to throw out all inhibitions away and started myself. And it came out very well. Guess we just need to take the first step!! 
The most suitable tawa for Neer dosa is a flat one, however I have one which is slightly deep towards the centre, still works fine 😊

Spare a minute to watch the video!

Tips for getting it right (When not followed, the below points are also known as my mistakes and reasons for not getting it right before):
  • Use only rice and water while grinding. Try it simple first. Various recipes call for coconut – I do not use. This is an extremely simple dish.
  • Grind the rice to a very fine paste, to get soft dosas.
  • Batter should be very runny, no measure for water – check the video for the consistency.
  • Add hot water to the batter just before making the dosa. (aunt’s trick).
  • Start pouring around the griddle as if to make a circle and then fill up the empty sections little by little.
  • The dosa must be cooked on high flame/heat.

Raw Rice (I use Sona Masuri rice) – 1 cup – around 12-14 dosas

How I prepare:
  1. Soak the rice overnight. Morning blend rice and water to a fine paste.
  2. Transfer to a bowl and add more water. Right before making add a cup of very hot water.
  3. Keep a griddle on stove, when it is hot, smear few drops of oil. Take a ladle of the runny batter and pour quick little portions on the griddle making a round dosa. It will form holes and bubbles and laces.
  4. Rice batter always settles down in the bowl, be careful not to take thick batter from the bottom – mix well while ladling out.
  5. Cover and cook for a minute. Open and add few drops of oil and turn the dosa. Cook for a few seconds, fold and serve.
  6. Once folded, this fold is forever. Do not even try to reverse it!!! Nobody has ever been successful 
  7. Serve with spicy chutney. 
Traditionally, Neer dosa is served with chutney and coconut mixed with jaggery. 
Another variation is to give the batter a seasoning of oil, mustard seeds and dry red chillies. This also is equally delicious.
The only downside of Neer dosa is that while pouring on to the griddle, it throws itself all around. The stove top and kitchen counter will be full of white spots. Lot of cleaning to do! 😫  Don't want to say this but No pain without Gain, unless you are lucky to be only on the dining table of the kitchen!

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