December 18, 2018

Horse Gram Rasam

Horse gram rasam is a staple in Karnataka (a southern state in India). It is packed with nutrients - iron, calcium and has a much higher content of protein than chickpeas. Those looking for protein-rich food must try horse gram and include in their regular meals, provides variety with taste😊 Horse gram is a pulse and can be sprouted too.

One of my colleagues used to talk about how horse gram rasam was made only with the broth of cooked horse gram in their house. I never tried it that way. My version is a tweaked one of what my aunt makes. Major tweak being the addition of coconut. This is a very easy recipe and will be ready without any frying or roasting or preparation of masalas. The pictures do not do justice to the aromatic flavor of the rasam.

Horse gram rasam is known as Huruli Saaru in Kannada and Kudu Saaru in Tulu. My maternal family is based in Mangalore and hence I have always known it as Kudu saaru. In Kerala, horse gram is known as Muthira and mostly it is used in stir-frys with grated coconut as garnish. Lastly, known as Kulith in Maharashtra – the place I call my own – surprise surprise! I do not know any Maharashtrian recipe using horse gram; never got a chance. A shout out to my Maharashtrian friends to share/comment any dish made with Kulith!!

Now the icing on the cake: This rasam is my daughter’s favorite. With the first morsel of this rasam with rice, she gives me a thumbs up. That makes my horsegram rasam worth celebrating guys. One toddler’s delight can be another toddler’s joy too!! Anyone looking for toddler-friendly recipes, hi-five!

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Back to the rasam!
Before you begin:
Horse gram needs to be soaked overnight.

Horse gram – 1 cup soaked
Grated Coconut (fresh) – half cup
Tamarind juice – from a lemon sized ball of tamarind
Water – 1.5 cups
Turmeric powder – one pinch
Green chilli – 1 (or as per taste)
Rasam powder – 1 tbsp

To Temper:
Oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – 4-5
Garlic – 3 large cloves

How I prepare:
1)   Pressure cook the soaked horse gram and let it cool.
2)   Grind the cooked horse gram along with coconut to a paste.
3)   Transfer the mixture in a heavy bottomed pan or wok. Add the tamarind juice/pulp.
4)   Add slit green chilli, turmeric powder, rasam powder, salt and water and bring to a boil.
5)  For tempering, take oil in another pan/kadai, add mustard seeds. While they splutter, add chopped garlic and curry leaves. Let the garlic cook for a bit and pour the tempering over the boiling rasam.
6)    Serve hot with rice.

If the rasam seems too creamy, add more water while boiling. Garlic and tamarind give this rasam its major flavor. Make it if you do not like horse gram as is. The blended texture will make you forget the pulse while passing on the nutrients!! --->> Horse gram is low in fat and is excellent sources of protein, dietary fiber, a variety of micro-nutrients and phytochemicals (sourced from wiki).

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