January 5, 2018

Thecha (chutney with green chillies and garlic)

Thecha is a Maharashtrian chutney, traditionally pounded in a mortal and pestle. It’s a beautiful combination of Garlic and Green chillies – a coarse chutney with chunky chillies and garlic. Thecha is a very spicy/hot chutney appealing to those of you who really enjoy a good level of heat. But of course it will also depend on the kind of chilli you use. The spiciness will reduce after one day, according to me on the day you make it, it is not ready to eat! I have heard Thecha is made with dry Red chillies also, haven’t tried yet. At home the H and I love it as a side for all meals. Though I am a little different, I can have it with anything – dosa, idli, chapati, rice – anything! It is quite a spicy chutney, very modest in preparation yet adds the spunk needed for any simple dish/meal.

Green Chillies – 10-12   (I have used Serrano chillies - any kind would work)
Garlic – 12-3 big or 20-25 small
Roasted Peanut Powder – 2 tsp
Lemon Juice (optional)

How I prepare:

1) Cut the green chillies and garlic roughly.

2) Shallow fry with little oil.

3) Once cool, grind it.. like whirr it twice or three times. And that is it. Transfer to a box/bottle to store, add salt, roasted peanut powder and 1 tbsp oil and mix well. If you feel the chillies are of very hot variety, add few drops of lemon juice.

Store thecha at room temperature one day so that it blends in the flavours well. Refrigerate next day onwards or it will go bad soon!  I prepare in small batches and savour it within 4-5 days. Stays fresh for a week at the most.

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