March 16, 2017

Soul of my Curry - Tomatoes

Bright red tomatoes brighten up my day like nothing else. No, I'm not crazy. Like, seriously.

I can't imagine a life, not a single day.. without tomatoes, read: in kitchen. Whenever I go to a supermarket, irrespective of the current count of tomatoes in the refrigerator at home, I just go and pick myself few of these red beauties. Recently, there was a snow storm warning and that means stepping out of the house for a day or two can be impossible. My husband told me to make sure there is enough grocery for the next couple of days. I panic. I need to get tomatoes. That is the biggest necessity at the moment. A national level crisis. I go and get a few, eh.. quite a few tomatoes.. among other not-so-significant genuine items. 

Tomatoes make me feel secure. They are my feel-good factor. If tomatoes are in stock, there is absolutely no feels easy, simple. And cooking.. a breeze. If by any chance - which has happened maybe less than once in a year - I forget to replenish the stock, that would be the day I would feel an unbeatable urge to have tomato rasam or tomato chutney (which I never make). Hence, I save myself this ordeal and get 10s of them each time I go shopping. On the contrary, there cannot be anything as disheartening as light yellowish-red (don't even want to call it red) tomatoes. Just hate the sight of those. Why can't they just ripen instantly and sit pretty on the counter?!

Tomatoes are the soul of every gravy. And salads? Can you even imagine salads without them? Oh, and I make delectable, finger-licking tomato pickle. I find it finger-licking, nobody can testify. Taste is subjective, you know that. Hah! That closes all doors for anybody to give a negative comment on tasting my world-class pickle. In Bangalore, around a particular time of the year, tomatoes would be sold for dirt cheap prices and needless to say, my home would smell and look like a tomato market. I, thereby, declare that time of the year as the best part of my life. 

By the way, have you ever given the following two critical points any good thought?

1) Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
2) Are tomatoes meant to be refrigerated or are they better off at room temperature?

I have no idea, not one bit. I couldn't care less. Nor would the tomatoes care, given my devotion for them. (Allow me to lol..thank you)

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