March 8, 2017

Super-Woman? No.

March 8th. I do not celebrate nor get celebrated on International Women's Day. Why do we need a day to celebrate women? What is so great about this gender form that we actually take a specific day out to express and shower love over this person who may exist in our life in various capacities?

Let me make it clear to all the women who feel it's their 'day'. This is all a farce, just another excuse for a celebration or break in monotony. Whoever goes out of their way to appreciate the women in their life is just doing it out of obligation or at the most, to make a mark - ok, on women's day, I did this, that; I am awesome. No. Thank you. Not required. 

Right from birth, there are gender roles listed out for men and women. Are men and women not capable of accomplishing each other's roles? Of course they are. But a rule-book is already set and is abided by, for reasons unknown to mankind.

Who decided the woman cooks, eats and goes to work while the man eats and goes to work? It is not a big task but this is how it has been since forever. And it cannot change. Some of us may be blessed with exceptional partners, let's face it - not all are. Let's not look at the countable few who do not believe in gender roles; because it may more often than not, be an illusion. And just fade away at the blink of an eye. Somewhere in the next hour or next day or next week, the god-sent gender role will undoubtedly come into picture.

Do not call the woman a super-mom or super-woman if she takes care of a big part of your life. Take care of that part yourself and help both of you become normal beings. Nobody is interested in becoming a super-person. Those are better off on big screen.

Time and again, it is potrayed by various channels in the most positive manner that women are amazing souls who exist to make life better for others, be it anyone - mom, sister, wife, daughter or daughter-in-law - And this potrayal makes every woman happy. Life overtakes the woman one fine morning only to realize her likes and passions went off-track, even as she saw them go adrift - there was no time nor energy and most importantly, no motivation to pick them up. There is definitely a joy in giving. However, taking is joyous too. Men are equally amazing souls. They strive hard to make ends meet, play their part as a son, brother or father. Bring this out people! Appreciate and extract the best out of men too. Let the woman not burden herself with the responsibility and pressure of being the sole reason of spreading happiness!

There is no day necessary to appreciate what a woman does in her lifetime for her parents, husband or child. The woman obliges to do what she does because she or you have not seen it any other way. Her's is not a difficult role; it is a different role - entirely interchangable. So please do not appreciate a woman for her place in your life. Let us all do our part regardless of any roles and ourselves be a reason for applause.

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