March 21, 2017

As she advances to a world of No-Mommy-Daddy..

Our darling daughter has always been wary of strangers and new faces. She takes a real long time to befriend someone or rather, it is the other way round. A new person in her life can take a long time to befriend her; she doesn't really want to be friends with you! She has an appropriate nick-name of 'Angry Baby'. As obvious as it may be, she is a total fun girl and entertainer for us at home. Nevertheless, the first day of school - however creepy, upsetting, agonising or even exciting it is - does arrive sooner or later.

We had already been to the school (play-school) twice for the enrollment formalities and she had loved the place.

On the first day, we woke her up with an amusing build-up for the day at school and she sprang out of the bed happily. It was a novel experience for me too, packing her snack and lunch boxes, water bottle and cute little pink back-pack. Both of us went to drop her to make it easy for her and for us. Our darling was so excited to play and showed us each and every new item/toy. Little did she realise we would leave in some time and she would be left with new kids, new teachers for the next few hours. While we were leaving, she cried so bad with a feeling of being betrayed by the two people she trusted the most.

We came back home and continued with the daily chores. This was when it registered in my mind that every single thing that I call daily chores involves her in some way or the other.. I actually felt free. I spoke to both her grandparents without any disturbance, the chat lasted longer too. I had my breakfast without giving an occassional bite to anyone. Whenever I went to kitchen for anything, I did not take my phone or the TV remote along with me (lest she finds and throws it or 'uses' it). I sat browsing through internet without getting summoned to play with the doll-house or lego blocks. I went out to get some stuff for home which was out of question otherwise because - no time! Now, feeling free when the daughter is away doesn't make me a mother who cares less for her daughter. I did miss her but I  also valued my alone-time, my free-time.

Since it was the first day, both of us went to pick her up too. We were excited and concerned about how the time went for her. The moment she saw us, she cried helplessly and asked us to take her out to car and for 'tata'. It was, without doubt an overwhelming emotional outburst for all of us. For the rest of the day, I realised she had started picking up new words and mannerisms (already). Slowly through the week she started getting used to school and participated in the activities. She now cried to the teachers when I or my husband left her in the morning, guess she understood, these parents of mine are of no good; they won't take me back home!

It's been a week that she has been going now. Each day has been different. One day she describes about school and the other day she doesn't. One day she finishes her food and the other day she doesn't. It has been a roller-coaster week for all of us. Soon she will like the place and the people and the kids. Patience is the key.

Waiting.. Looking forward to the days when we do not have to be concerned about what might be going on in the school, waiting for the days when she will love going to school and will not want to be back! And the day will come, it has come for you as well as for me. Or else, we wouldn't ever be getting nostalgic over the much celebrated 'school-days'..

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