August 9, 2016

Break From Work

Break from work

How is it when you move from one city to another after you have well-adjusted to a place, after you have thought that this is your home for life? You move your things and belongings to your new home in the new city. So far, so good. Now think about the move when it is to a different city in another country in another continent in another time-zone. Cannot really move your stuff into your new home, right?!
Relocating to USA for an year, we had a tough time deciding what goes to our new home and what stays back. Nevertheless, 2 months in this easy-to-fall-in-love place we have adjusted to and loved the change in life.

I have never been off work for such a long period for the last 6-7 years of my career. Oh yes, there was my maternity leave and I was home for 8 months but I conveniently decide not to count that because.. hmm.. because it was paid leave :D

First thought that crossed my mind when the H and I discussed and decided on the move was that I wouldn’t have any income of my own. It is in a way difficult to let him know and buy each and every thing that I need (or do not need, but want). It’s ok, the little one and I have now learnt to demand ;)

Next thing was will I be able to ‘not work’ and just be a home-maker or stay-at-home mom?! I got the answer to that quite early. We had just celebrated our little girl’s first birthday in Bangalore. She is a growing cute little monster and manages to keep me occupied for 25 hours out of the mere 24 hours that the earth takes for its rotation. As beautiful as it is to watch your baby grow in front of you, it is also a task at hand. We do not teach children, they learn. You never know what they choose to pick up from your words, your mannerisms etc which are so natural that even you are shocked to see the child ape you. At times, I get angry when she’s crankier than usual, when she’s angry, when she refuses to eat, when she doesn’t let me eat, when she doesn’t let me have my way. Suddenly I remember Come On, She’s a Baby, Be Patient and then we kiss and make up :) Nevertheless it’s an experience of mixed emotions I would have missed if I left for work in the morning and came back late evening only to see her excited to see me after a long absence.

Apart from the opportunity to watch every move of my little princess, I am super delighted to be back to cooking. The kind of cooking that I enjoy, not the cooking that happens somewhere in between managing work and 2 babies (including the H). Even after the last few years of kitchen and cooking, there is an ocean of food to experiment and gorge on :) As goes the work culture in this part of the world, the H is back home early evening and that calls for home-made snacks and conversations over tea. More food! Weekends (and occasional weekday evenings) are spent in going around the place as a tourist.

Routine goes by skype with family, making friends in the colony, cooking, swimming, playing and fighting with the little cutie. Oh yes, whatsapp and facebook too ;)

Do I miss work? Hmm yes I do miss my colleagues, our chats, lunchtimes and ahh work too, a bit. This change in life, this break from work for the first time and longest time, I am absolutely loving.


  1. Finally you are back!! Now waiting for your finger-licking recipes to gorge on after trying it back home๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜˜

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