August 16, 2013


Rasmalai is a very rich, divine-looking and delicious Indian sweet that has no mercy on calories. Nevertheless, Rasmalai cannot be resisted at any cost. I happened to make Rasmalai when there was excess milk at home. To make Rasmalai, first we need to make Rasgullas. Read on!
Take your time, meanwhile I’ll get the Rasmalai ready.

Presuming that you are through with the Rasgulla recipe, let me list the ingredients for Rasmalai.

By the way, Rasmalai can also be made with store-bought readymade Rasgullas. But hello! We love the ultimate satisfaction of making things from scratch, don’t we?! 😊

Rasmalai - Sweet made with paneer

Full fat Milk – 1 litre
Sugar – half a cup
Rasgullas – 10 small
Saffron/Kesar - 4 strands
Almonds, Pistachios - chopped lengthwise

How I prepare:
  1. Bring the milk to a boil, stir continuously and reduce it to ¾ of its volume. Add the sugar.
  2. Meanwhile, take a spoonful of milk aside and crush the saffron with your fingers (while the milk is warm) to get the colour out of it. Keep it aside. 
  3. Next, take the rasgullas and squeeze out the sugar syrup gently, very gently. While you do this, the ‘stirring milk’ part may be outsourced ;) or you keep the rasgullas squeezed and ready beforehand!
  4. To the boiling milk, add the dryfruits, i.e. almonds, pistas cut lengthwise. Add the saffron-milk and stir well. Now a richer variant of this mixture in itself, is a widely relished sweet, Rabdi. (Rabdi is much thicker, and made by reducing milk and cream but we are here to make Rasmalai, so let's move ahead).
  5. Next, add the rasgullas into this milk and simmer for 2-3 minutes. The rasgullas will soak in the milk and sweetness in it, it already smells divine, isn’t it? Be patient. Once it cools down, refrigerate and serve chilled after a hearty meal.

Condensed milk or Milkmaid can also be used along with milk to make Rasmalai. That makes the job easier but can you still call it homemade? Maybe semi-homemade?? 😜

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