July 22, 2013

Wheat Dosa (Godambu Dosa)

Wheat flour Dosa or Godambu Dosa is an instant dosa made with wheat flour and one that you can make without any prior preparation. When Mummy used to make it, back at home and leave me alone with this dosa batter I would find it difficult to flip it as it would stick to the tawa/skillet. Adding rice flour to the batter does solve the problem. But today, after making this lazy breakfast on lazy mornings plenty of times, I manage to make it without rice flour and it results in pretty lacy, crispy dosas.
The wheat flour/godambu used for chapatis is used for Wheat Dosa. (Pillsbury, Aashirwad or simply Chakki-fresh!)

Wheat dosa can be a little tricky. Few helpful pointers:
a)   The tawa should not be very hot – it becomes difficult to spread, it sticks to the ladle.  So, simmer while spreading the batter and increase flame when the dosa is cooking both sides, simmer again when you take it off on to the plate. You will get the hang of it after 2-3 dosas.
b)    Batter has to be thinner than normal rice – urad dal dosa. Thick batter gives dense dosas, doesn’t taste the best.
c)     Cover the dosa while it’s cooking – this way the dosa will not have dry spots. Though its optional.
d)    When you have leftover normal dosa batter which is not sufficient, instead of making something else for the meal or breakfast, add wheat flour to it for a shortcut full meal/breakfast. This batter is much easier to spread.

Lacy wheat/godambu dosa

Wheat Flour -2 cups (makes about 8-10 dosas)
Coriander leaves, Curry leaves, Green chillies (all optional)

How I prepare:
1.    Add water and salt to the wheat flour and mix thoroughly. This mixing step is important in the sense that there should not be any lumps. Be aggressive with the batter!! A whisk will help! Add salt.
2.   Add chopped coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chillies into the batter. This is totally optional considering it’s meant for a lazy morning 😜 but it makes the dosas tastier.
3.     Heat your dosa tawa. Gently grease the tawa with oil (not necessary for non-stick tawa). If there are droplets of oil on the tawa, it will make it difficult to spread the dosa batter. Hence grease lightly with a tissue or cloth.
4.      Pour batter on hot tawa using a ladle and spread it in circular motion like usual dosa.
5.      Drizzle few drops of oil. And flip.
6.      Cook on the other side too and serve hot with the chutney of your choice.

It goes well with Onion-Tomato Chutney or Tomato Fry or leftover sambhar. Or even Butter.

Wheat/Godambu dosa with Sambar

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