May 6, 2013

Kachiya Moru

Kachiya Moru is a curry with curd or buttermilk. Kachiya Moru literally means Fried Buttermilk. It is made by boiling buttermilk. Curd/yogurt or buttermilk both work fine. Sour curd or buttermilk tastes the best though.
It’s a very common dish in Kerala. So this recipe is for my friends who have tasted and loved it but never made; and for my friends who have never tasted it and hence curious to know. Kachiya moru is my comfort food, no major ingredient involved, gets ready in minutes..yet tastes wonderful! The H loves to drink it just like that instead of having it with rice!
This is a very easy recipe without coconut.

Can you guess what this tumbler in the photo is?? It's the small Nutella jar or tumbler - one that has a pretty useless lid - I threw that away and kept the container!😀

Kachiya Moru

Curd/Buttermilk – 2 cups
Ginger – an inch-long piece crushed
Green chillies – 3-4 slit
Turmeric Powder – 1 pinch
Curry leaves – 7-8
Coriander leaves – 5 sprigs chopped

How I prepare:
  1. Take curd or buttermilk in a vessel. Add half cup water to dilute it and beat it lightly with spoon or whisk. (While adding water, note that while the curd is heated, the consistency again thins a bit.)
  2. Add crushed ginger, curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chillies. Add turmeric powder and salt and stir. This is my mom’s way – prep everything then heat it.
  3. Now, turn on the flame and stir continuously for 7-8 minutes. This is the most important part, because if you do not stir, it will curdle.
  4. Gradually, you will notice the yellow colour of turmeric brightening and steam coming.
  5. Turn off the flame but continue stirring for a minute while hot.

If you wish, you may season it with:
2 tbsp of oil, mustard seeds, red chillies and fenugreek seeds.
Pour the seasoning over Kachiya Moru. 
I usually don’t season it. Personal preferences win over ideal recipes, I guess 😉

Kachiya Moru

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