April 18, 2013

Potato and Capsicum Bhajiya

Bhajiyas or Pakoras or Bhajjis are a hot favourite on any rainy day. Road-side vendors in Mumbai serve very tasty bhajiyas, but u can squeeze out a bottle-full of oil from those. Hence I prefer home-made bhajiyas anyday! Whenever my mom made bhajiyas, my brother and I used to start eating as she fried and laid them on a plate, not giving Mummy a chance to serve it decently and instead get scolded for it! The ones you see in the picture are the pretty ones saved for clicking. The power to resist, ah I did not know I had it😀

Bhajiyas are easy to make and ready to eat in just a matter of 20 min including the time taken for the oil to heat.

Potato and Capsicum Bhajiya

Potato – peeled and cut into medium thin slices – around 15 slices
Capsicum – cut length wise – around 7-8
Gram flour/Chickpea flour/Besan – 2 cups
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Asafoetida – 1 large pinch
Chilli powder – as per taste

How I prepare:
1.      Cut potatoes into thin slices, capsicums into long, thick strips.
2.    Make a batter of gram flour (besan), salt, asafoetida, cumin seeds, red chilli powder. Using a whisk helps.
3.    The batter should be of a pouring consistency (say, dosa-batter) – if it is too thick the batter coating may not cook properly. The bhajiyas will even puff up with the right consistency.
4.      Heat oil in a deep pan/kadai.
5.      Dip the potato slices and capsicum strips in the gram flour batter and drop one by one in the hot oil.
6.      Remove when they are cooked well and golden in colour. Place on a tissue to remove excess oil.

Enjoy this snack hot with hot tea at home when it’s raining outside or even when it is not raining 😜 It’s irresistible. Be careful when you start eating, history says there hasn’t been anyone who can eat just one! No complaints of over eating will be encouraged. 😀


  1. woh ... great
    add to my wishlist the following at your free time
    1. Classic Palpayasam (I will come to bangalore to taste your own preparation) for dinner
    2. Sarkara upperi for tea time
    3.Olan with Kakkidi and payar for lunch
    4. Sabudana Kichdi for breakfast


    1. Thanks for your time and comment rajamaama :)
      and your wishlist is totally r welcome anytime :D Palpayasam and olan are already ready to be published in a few days :)